Mike's Priorities for Minneapolis Parks

Strong Financial Stewardship for parks and Programs

The Minneapolis Parks and Rec Board manages a budget of over $110 million dollars per year and employs over 1000 FTEs.  

Fifteen years of experience in the business banking industry taught me how to understand the intricacies and nuances of a complex financial statement.

We made a decision to invest in our Parks and our programs and I support that investment.  I want to ensure that the investment we've made will benefit this generation and those to come...

Equitable Redevelopment of the Riverfront 

The River belongs to all of us and we all deserve the right to walk down to the Mississippi and enjoy it.

The Minneapolis Riverfront is possibly our greatest natural asset.  Over the next few years we will have the once in a lifetime opportunity to decide how we want to redevelop this precious resource.

As we redevelop our Riverfront, we must insist that the Banks of the Mississippi are public and accessible to all. 



SW Street Maintenance

According to reports from the Minneapolis Park and Rec. Board (Park Funding Reports) during the period between 2010-2014 SW Minneapolis residents were allocated MPRB capital investment funds totaling approximately $85 per capita.  During the same period other areas were allocated $243 per capita and $461 per capita.

SW residents recognize that other areas in our city need and deserve additional investment.  At the same time, we should be able to expect that at a minimum our roads will be paved. Unfortunately over the past few years our park roads have been overlooked and we must search no further than King's Highway to see the evidence.  This is unacceptable.  If I am elected, park road maintenance will be an immediate priority.